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Wedding Planning | ABOUT:
Singapore’s up and coming boutique wedding planner, The Wedding Concepteur prides itself in conceptualising interesting and unique styles for their clients, which include celebrity DJs Jean Danker and Glenn Ong, actress, entrepreneur and former model Sheila Sim, as well as fashion influencer Nellie Lim.
Putting clients as their priorities, The Wedding Concepteur pays attention to every single detail in a wedding to create a magical moment that every bridal couple and their guests will enjoy.
Photography & Videography | ABOUT:
Hello there! I’m Jach. 

I like the simple things in life. Soft-boiled eggs and kaya toast for breakfast at the neighbourhood kopitiam. Nurturing a herb garden. Heartfelt late-night conversations with loved ones.
Affordable buffet dinners. Petting dogs.

Crying at weddings. Filming weddings.

Wedding Photography | ABOUT:

Hello! I am Benedict.

Occupationally, I document weddings but in all honesty, I find joy in helping couples I meet to visually and physically remember that joke, the gaze and that fuzzy hug.

It is always a great blessing to be a part of a couple’s wedding journey and photographing it along the way.

Real emotions and interactions are essential elements and I hope the images will allow couples to remember their special day.

Because it will always be Here and Now.

Videography & Photography | ABOUT:

Genuine, heartfelt stories.

Daniel, the dude behind the camera, is a storyteller who seeks to convey every love story in an authentic, unique and journalistic manner. Adopting a fly-on-the-wall style, the raw tender moments, candid laughters and heartfelt exchanges captured are what keeps him going in his pursuit of excellence.

Always up for a wanton mee fix, his happiest days typically involve incessant chattering of ideas and ideals, daydreams and sour cream. Daniel counts being able to percussively snap his fingers at hyper-speed and marrying Joy – the love of his life, as his greatest achievements to date.

Wedding Planning | ABOUT:

In your wildest dreams, you were on an adventure. There were flowers and eternal sunshine. You were bounded, but you were free. You will always remember, for your wildest dreams are kept alive in moments and memories.

To all gracious hosts who truly value the journey: 

Begin your adventure with our wedding planners at The Wildest Dreams.

Custom Made and Rental Neon Lights | ABOUT:

We are a wife and husband team who began this neon venture as we, and a few good friends of ours, were having trouble finding good quality neon art pieces that we could own for our home, office, wedding and events. 

So we created our neon start-up early 2017, after a year of careful planning, research, sourcing and hard work. 

We are based and design all our neons right here in Singapore.

All our signs are made from our skilled artisan neon artists who are based overseas. 

We believe in a neon lifestyle – incorporating neons every where and in everything!

Floral Decorations & Floristry | ABOUT:

Hello! I’m Linda, mommy of two beautiful adult girls and just one hubby. 😊 

I have always loved nature – nature by our Creator God has fascinated me since I was a young girl. Heavenly Blooms was named after a vision that God had given to me in a luscious garden beyond my imagination. This same vision left me in awesome wonder and the longing to experience these beautiful flowers and foliage on a daily. 🌼🌷🌿

Having been a pastor for 7 years, and now being able to fulfil a different passion of mine is such a blessing from God. Whether it is to create centre-pieces for a table, bouquets & corsages for weddings, a basket for someone who is unwell in hospital or for anniversaries, there has never been a dull moment doing what I do!